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sweetheart sorbet

Tuxedo Strawberries

Little dressed up strawberries, waiting to do your every bidding. In this case, one's bidding might be, "get in mah tummy!"

How do you go from super healthy to decadent in 3 easy steps?

One: grab some poor defenseless strawberries. It's better if they're not too large (which might give you problems with dipping) and have that lovely pointed/heart shape, rather than those strawberries that look like giant malformed squares.

Two: Dip into melted chocolate.

Three: Dip into MORE melted chocolate.



om nom nom, omg.

do you rec. any particular brand/type of chocolate?

Not really! I use compound chocolate, which sets at room temperature and is usually available in small buttons so it's much more convenient (I don't have to chop it all up.) But a high quality brand of bar chocolate would probably give a nicer, richer taste. I do try to use compounds that have the highest percentage of cocoa, but they still pale in comparison with non-compounds. It really all depends on your own tastes and how much bother you want to go to I guess :)