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Not A Food Blog

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I'm just a uni student cooking in her flat on the weekends, and sharing the nicer-looking pictures. I try to aim for healthier, lower-fat/lower-calorie ways of doing things, but sometimes I just surrender to shameless indulgence.

Why is this blog called "Not A Food Blog?" Strictly speaking, this is a blog, and it's a blog about the food I make, so it should be called a 'food blog', right? However, I don't do proper food bloggy things. I just ramble and take pictures of food in a limited setting. No witty, eloquent stories, no great depth of knowledge and experience to contribute to the community, no lovely, gorgeous atmospheres and settings. It's just somewhere that I can comfortably share my food stuff with friends and family, and whoever happens to stumble across here. Thus, it is Not A Food Blog. :)